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Why Consistent Dental Visits Are Important for Children

Child | Kid's Dentistry Jonesboro AR

Did you know that your child should begin visiting your family dentist every six months around the age of one-year-old? While this seems early, it gives your children's dentist in Jonesboro the opportunity to not only begin building rapport with your little one but also begin monitoring their oral development. 

Why Are Baby Teeth Important?

Parents often wonder why they should give their child's baby teeth so much attention when they're going to fall out soon anyway. Your son or daughter's oral development began even before they were born, and you might be surprised to learn that baby (primary) teeth have a few significant jobs to do before they fall out.

  • Baby ...

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Healthy Lunches

Matt Sherman has graciously allowed us to display his 4th grade artwork in our office (he's in high school now!).  It serves as a reminder to limit sweets for tooth health.  When making your children's lunches, choose things like cheese, nuts, apples/pears, baby carrots, and whole wheat bread or crackers.  Drink milk or water.  Stay clear of sugary drinks and snacks, especially the ones that stick to your teeth.  We also offer sealants for added protection against cavities.  Happy First Day of School! 

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How We Help Relieve Your Child's Dental Anxiety

Children's dental anxiety | jonesboro dentist

A trip to the dentist does not need to send your child into a tailspin of anxiety and stress. With your help, we can make dental visits fun and relaxing for your little one. At home, be sure to avoid saying anything negative about the dental office, especially if you have dental anxiety yourself. Kids pick up on these things. 

We will take care of the rest once you arrive!

Here are some ways we make dentistry easy and enjoyable for kids:

We Involve Your Child in Their Oral Health

Kids love to exercise their independence. We will involve them in their dental appointment and explain things as we go along, so they feel ...

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3 Tips to Reduce Your Child's Sugar Intake (Without Tears!)

childrens dentistry jonesboro ar

Kids love sweet snacks!

As a parent, you are probably aware that sugary treats can do damage to your child’s teeth. Maybe you have even tried to curb their cravings for sugar, which can feel like a battle of epic proportions if a sweet treat habit is already in the works. They look at you with those big, soulful eyes you love so much and it can feel tempting to give in.

We offer an alternative approach!

Here are some tips to consider when engaging in the sugar battle with your little one:

Tip #1 – Start Healthy Habits Early!

Kids will typically take your lead when it comes to the rules of the household. ...

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Treating Patients of All Ages

Family Dentistry Jonesboro AR

At Anthony Bartels, DDS, we welcome patients of all ages and have experience with treating every type of patient at every life stage. Everyone from your toddler to your great-grandfather will receive outstanding dental care while they are with us. We even provide children’s dentistry in the comfort of our Jonesboro dental office, eliminating the need for you to drive all over town to get the dental care needed for your family.

Children are our special guests of honor! We love making dentistry fun, interactive, and educational for your little ones. By involving them in their own dental care from a very young age, we help them maintain healthy and comfortable ...

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