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Stress and Bruxism

March 13, 2019
Posted By: Anthony Bartels, DDS
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Stress and other factors can cause people to grind their teeth, also known as Bruxism.  Many people are unaware they do this because it often happens at night.  Over time, grinding can cause your teeth to wear down and chip. Muscle tension from bruxism can lead to jaw pain of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and headaches.  We recommend a visit to our office in Jonesboro, AR, so that Dr. Bartels can properly diagnose your symptoms.  If you are grinding your teeth at night, Dr. Bartels might recommend a splint.  Your splint would be custom made for your mouth for maximum comfort and can be worn at night.  The splints are often very small and are worn by many with comfort and ease.  Don't let stress harm your teeth and jaw.  Call our office to see if a splint or night guard would ease your pain and protect your teeth.

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