Nightguards in Jonesboro

Woman | Jonesboro DentistDid you know that if you wake up with headaches, neck aches, or sore shoulders, your symptoms could come from nighttime clenching and grinding of your teeth? Excessive teeth grinding and clenching, called bruxism, can cause more than just dental problems. In fact, in many cases, bruxism is linked to migraine headaches and facial tension.

How Do I Know if I Am Grinding My Teeth?

One way to find out if you have been grinding is to look for bite marks along the insides of your cheeks or sides of your tongue. If you have a line of white, damaged tissue, or anything resembling blood blisters, it is possible you grind your teeth.

Your teeth might also be sensitive to temperature. If you feel a twinge when you bite into a cold apple, take a breath outside in the winter, or drink a cold beverage, grinding your teeth is a common culprit. Sometimes your partner might notice grinding, but often, especially if you clench, it might not be audible.

When you schedule an exam with Anthony Bartels, DDS, he can look for signs of irregular wear on your teeth that can indicate grinding.

Why Is Teeth Grinding Bad for My Health?

Aside from the symptoms that develop from chronic teeth grinding, you can also cause damage to your jaw joints and your teeth, and you may live in constant pain. When you deal with these types of symptoms on a regular basis, they can prevent you from sleeping properly and feeling comfortable. They may even cause depression.

Your teeth really take the brunt of any amount of bruxism. You might prematurely wear down your teeth, chip them, cause gum recession, or even crack them in a relatively short amount of time simply because of the amount of force that your jaws can exert. In fact, they can exert up to 1,200 pounds of pressure per square inch on your second molars. Night after night, that kind of pressure can build up causing damage as well as muscle tension.

How Can You Treat Bruxism?

Fortunately, the treatment for bruxism is non-invasive and can be very effective. At our Jonesboro, AR dental office, we treat bruxism with a specialized nightguard.

Not all nightguards are the same. Ours is effective because it protects your teeth and encourages your jaws to relax so that your symptoms can subside.

We will take impressions for your custom nightguard to ensure a proper, snug fit that will not fall out while you are asleep.

Do You Grind Your Teeth?

Call us today to schedule an evaluation. Dr. Bartels will be able to tell if you have been grinding your teeth and can provide you with a solution to protect your teeth and your give you a better night’s sleep.