Pain-Free Dentistry in Jonesboro, AR

woman with dental anxiety in jonesboro arHave no fear. Dr. Bartels is here! 

Dr. Anthony Bartels, your dentist in Jonesboro, is known for his gentle approach to dentistry. He communicates exactly what to expect during each procedure to each patient and truly cares about everyone under his care. Patients are amazed daily that their procedure is complete. They expected complexity and pain but found their treatment relaxing instead.

Besides our compassionate and gentle approach to dentistry, we also offer sedation options for dental phobia, anxiety, or anyone who requires a little extra reassurance.  

Sedation Dentistry in Jonesboro

Our sedation dentistry is designed to help patients get the care they need without stress. Our team never wants fear or phobias to keep you away from the dentist!

Nitrous Oxide Near Me

Nitrous oxide is the first level of sedation. It produces feelings of ease or situation detachment—you’ll know you’re having work done, but you will likely feel so at ease that you won’t care very much.

This sedation method is safe for patients of all ages, and it is a harmless gas delivered through a small nasal mask. When treatment is over, your dentist removes the mask, and you’re safe to drive yourself home from our dental office.

Oral Dental Sedation in 72401

Oral sedation is a pill you take before treatment. With this method, you may not recall your treatment but will still be able to respond to your dentist’s instructions.

The dreamlike state tends to linger, so you must make arrangements for transportation as you should not drive on the day of treatment. We also advise you not to make important, life-altering decisions until the next day.

Combination Sedation

Your dentist can customize your sedation dentistry to work for your unique needs. For example, one patient may have full dental phobia, while another feels on edge. Dr. Bartels will talk to you about your specific level of anxiety and discuss sedation options with you. In some cases, we combine therapies for optimal results.

Our Commitment to Youwoman getting sedation dentistry in jonesboro ar

Our goal is to make dentistry accessible, which means bringing in patients who have neglected their dental care due to anxiety. Our dentist understands dental phobia and will always take measures to make your treatments as pain-free and stress-free as possible. This includes gentle delivery of anesthesia and sedation if needed.

If we can do anything else to make your dentistry more relaxing, we would love to chat with you today.

For Stress-Free Dentistry in Jonesboro, AR, Contact Our Dental Office  

We offer the latest in sedation techniques, and Dr. Anthony Bartels is happy to discuss our options with you. Feel free to look at our many testimonials from happy patients that were once afraid of the dentist.  Call us for your free consultation today!