Welcome to the office of Jonesboro dentist Anthony Bartels, DDS. We are committed to creating a positive and comfortable dental experience for your entire family.

We provide full dental services to meet everyone's needs. We welcome patients of all ages and stages of dental health. Whether you've been conscientious with routine dental care or you've fallen behind and have some catching up to do, we can't wait to work with you.

Our compassionate and professional dental team will work to support your individual needs. We know that the dental office is not your favorite place to be, but we will work hard to make it as enjoyable as possible!

Meet Dr. Anthony Bartels:

Dr. Bartels attended Arkansas State University, where he earned a bachelor's of science degree in zoology. He earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at Louisiana State University.

Dr. Bartels is a dental advisor on the Northeast Arkansas Kids Count Coalition, and he is also on the Board of Directors at St. Bernard’s Hospice and a staff member of St. Bernard’s Regional Medical Center. Dr. Bartels was voted “Best of the Best” by Occasions Magazine and KAIT8 television viewers.

He received an award for many years of volunteer service to the Women’s Crisis Center of Northeast Arkansas in 2014, as well as the “Outstanding Young Dentist in Arkansas” award by the Arkansas Dental Association in 2002. Dr. Bartels was selected for the General Dentistry Residency Program in New Orleans in 1995.

He is passionate about using the latest technology to improve the comfort and quality of dentistry for his patients and their families.

Do you see dental emergencies?

Yes. We accept emergencies and never want you to experience pain. Call the office of Dr. Anthony Bartels at (870) 932-9911 if you think you have a dental emergency. Some of the most common emergencies are listed below.

Dental Emergencies

  • Broken or lost tooth – Even though children and adults who play sports wear mouthguards, it is still possible for them to break a tooth, or have one knocked out. When this happens, it is important to try and locate the broken or dislodged tooth. If the missing tooth cannot be placed back into the socket, put it in milk or saliva to keep the root from dying and avoid rinsing it since this can remove important tissue. Call us right away.
  • Broken filling or crown – Most of the time, if a filling or crown comes loose, it causes severe pain because the root of your tooth may be exposed. Yet, even if you don’t have pain, it is still good to see your dentist as soon as possible and to avoid eating until you do so. Food can get stuck in the exposed tooth and cause more damage and infection.
  • Extreme pain – Even if you don’t think your pain is an emergency, we do. Severe decay is the most common cause of tooth pain and will need a follow-up appointment to be repaired, but coming in for an emergency visit will allow us to determine the issue and at least stop the pain until your next appointment.

Do you see children?

We welcome patients of all ages to our Jonesboro, AR dental office. We begin seeing kids at about the age of three. It is important to bring your child to the dentist at a young age for several reasons.

Early dental visits help them get used to the sights and sounds of the dental office. When you bring your child in when they are very young, their appointment is a good opportunity to let them to get used to our team and the dental office environment. We can familiarize them with our treatment rooms, the sound the suction makes, and even take them for a ride in the chair.

Your child benefits from early childhood dental exams and cleanings because we will monitor their health and make sure that they are developing on schedule, as well as checking for common conditions such as dental decay and gum disease. Even very young children are susceptible to both.

When you start your little one at the dentist at a young age, dental care becomes a routine part of their health regimen, making it easier to maintain good oral health as they get older. Once they reach a certain age, we can do an orthodontic evaluation to determine if your little one will need orthodontics.

Do you offer payment plans?

At the office of Jonesboro dentist Anthony Bartels, DDS, we strive to make dentistry affordable for our patients because we know that finances are a concern for most families these days. That is why we participate with many major insurance companies, such as Delta Dental, Arkansas BC/BS, United Concordia, Federal BC/BS, and Tricare.

If you do incur out-of-pocket expenses, we offer CareCredit as a payment option for our patients. You can apply easily online at carecredit.com and get pre-approved for a line of credit that includes some interest-free options. With CareCredit, you can use your credit card at the eye doctor, vet, and cosmetic services!

We also offer an in-house financing option for our patients. When you call us or visit, we can provide more details about terms and conditions.

We provide many options so that you do not have to put off your necessary dental treatment, potentially making your condition worse and more expensive. Our options also make it easier for you to pay for elective procedures over time, including cosmetic dentistry.

If you have questions about your particular coverage and which payment options will work best for you, give us a call. We are happy to help.

What insurance do you take?

We will work with most insurance companies and process the billing and claims for you. However, we are in-network with Delta Dental, Arkansas Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Concordia, Federal Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Tricare. If you have questions about your particular coverage and benefits, give us a call. We are happy to help.