Periodontal Treatment in Jonesboro

Woman at dentist in jonesboro arIf you have periodontal (gum) disease, you are not alone. Half of Americans currently suffer from gum disease, and those increase as you age. You might not even realize that you have an infection because so many people suffer from the most common symptoms and often think it is a normal part of life.

Symptoms of Periodontal Disease

In its early stages, you might not notice any symptoms that are out of the ordinary. Some of the first ones to appear are bad breath and gums that bleed when you brush. Other common symptoms include:

  • Sensitivity
  • Gum recession
  • Tooth mobility
  • Red, swollen gums
  • Tenderness or pain
  • Pus at your gum line

Periodontal Evaluations

If you experience pain or bleeding when you brush or floss your teeth, you should have a periodontal evaluation. When we perform a periodontal evaluation, we will take specialized measurements to determine if there are pockets around your teeth. Healthy gums fit snugly against your teeth, but if they have pockets, food, bacteria, and plaque can collect there and cause an infection. 

If you do suffer from gum disease, Dr. Bartels can recommend a course of treatment that will help you recover your health and eliminate your symptoms.

Periodontal Treatments in Jonesboro, AR

gum disease diagram jonesboro arIn its early stages, called gingivitis, your condition may be reversible, so the sooner you seek treatment, the better. We understand that going back to the dentist after a long absence can make you feel ashamed or guilty, but we never want you to feel that way! We know that you have a unique set of circumstances and we support your efforts to restore your health, no matter what conditions you may have. It is always our intention to create a welcoming, friendly, and fun atmosphere.

If you require treatment to get your gums back to a healthy state, we can help. Our skilled and gentle hygienists will be able to eliminate the calculus and bacteria above and below your gum line and monitor your health as it improves. In some cases, we may apply a topical antibiotic to assist with healing.

Treatment for severe periodontal disease will likely require multiple visits to our office. Once we have your infection under control and help you master the techniques to stay healthy using home care, you may be able to resume a regular maintenance schedule.

We know that taking this first step may be difficult for you, but you can count on us to work with you and make your experience as enjoyable as possible. We will make sure you feel comfortable every step of the way.

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