General Dentistry in Jonesboro, AR

Family | Dentist in Jonesboro ARAt Anthony Bartels DDS Family Dentistry, we offer the latest treatments to keep your family healthy, happy, and smiling. Our general dentist in Jonesboro customizes treatment plans and sees every smile as unique. Your treatment plan will not be the same as your neighbor's, but the goal is always the same. We want to help each patient achieve and maintain their best smile.

Dental Cleanings and Exams 

In our dental office, we're delighted to welcome patients of all ages. Whether we’re seeing a child who is prone to cavities or a senior adult in need of restorative dentistry, rest assured that your family member is in good hands.

Our general dentistry services consider both preventive dentistry and routine maintenance.

Preventive dentistry services include:

  • Twice-yearly comprehensive dental exams
  • Oral cancer screenings to detect abnormalities
  • Digital x-rays as needed
  • Professional teeth cleanings to help prevent cavities, root infections, gingivitis, and periodontal (gum) disease
  • Fluoride treatments to strengthen cavity-prone teeth against decay
  • Dental sealants to keep food and bacteria away from the crooks of your teeth
  • Nightguards to treat bruxism (clenching and grinding), which can compromise your teeth
  • Invisalign to straighten crooked teeth for a beautiful smile

If you have a specific dental issue, our Jonesboro dentist may suggest customizing your preventive dentistry schedule.

The long-term goal of preventive dentistry is to help you avoid dental conditions like cavities and gum disease. But if you do develop problems, Dr. Bartels is here to restore your oral health and keep you and your loved ones smiling.

General Dentistry Services in the 72401 Area

Dentist Office | Jonesboro AR DentistOur general dentistry services include but are not limited to:

  • Tooth-colored fillings to discreetly fill your dental cavity
  • Root canal therapy to save your tooth and eliminate your pain
  • Extractions for deep decay, before orthodontics, or for wisdom teeth
  • Periodontal treatments for gingivitis and periodontitis
  • Restorations like dentures, crowns, and bridges
  • Implant dentistry to replace missing teeth and restore lost function

We Are Here for You at Anthony Bartels DDS Family Dentistry 

Our goal is always the health and maintenance of your smile, which is why we are committed to treating dental emergencies in Jonesboro, AR as soon as possible. Prompt attention helps us relive your pain sooner and treat the problem to restore your oral health.

We also want your family to get the care you need, which is why we accept several types of insurance. If you don't see your insurance listed on our website, contact us. We may have added your provider.

Additionally, we accept CareCredit, a third-party financing option that offers patients low-interest payment plans and interest-free financing. A member of our team will be happy to help you apply.

Are You Ready for Healthy Teeth for Life?

If you’re looking for comprehensive general dentistry for yourself and your family, contact us today to schedule your exams. Your Jonesboro dentist looks forward to meeting you!