Tooth-Colored Fillings in Jonesboro

Chances are that you have a filling or two (or maybe more). Over 95 percent of adults have at least one cavity over the course of their lifetimes, making dental caries one of the most common preventable diseases. When it comes to tooth decay, kids are susceptible for a number of reasons, as well. From diet to poor oral hygiene, many children develop decay at an early age.

Dental fillings are a common procedure. Modern advancements in tooth-colored options will help us protect your smile while getting rid of cavities.

woman with dental filling in jonesboro arWhy Do I Need Another Filling?

Dental decay often occurs because of neglect or poor oral hygiene habits. Brushing and flossing is not just a suggestion, but an important step if you want to keep your teeth and avoid unnecessary fillings. Many people brush, but skip the flossing and that can lead to cavities at your gum line and between your teeth. Most people who do brush their teeth at least twice a day do not spend enough time and frequently miss the same areas over and over again.

Bacteria create an acidic environment on your teeth, so when food particles remain there for too long, bacteria can take hold and cause the protective enamel on your teeth to soften. Once that happens, bacteria can flood into the softer dentin of your tooth and cause decay.

Dental decay does not go away on its own. In fact, it acts like a magnet, attracting more and more bacteria until you end up with a bigger problem. That is why digital dental x-rays help. We can detect decay early before it causes pain or a serious condition.

Treatment for Dental Decay in Jonesboro, AR

Having a filling doesn’t sound like a big deal, but a lot goes into even the smallest procedure! Dr. Bartels will first make sure you are completely comfortable by administering anesthetic. Once you feel numb, he will use precision instruments to gently remove all traces of decay and bacteria. He will also sterilize the area and prepare it for your filling.

At our Jonesboro, AR dental office, we offer composite fillings to our patients so that you can look great in addition to restoring your health. We apply composite in your cavity and allow it to cure until it hardens. Then, Dr. Bartels will polish your filling and make any necessary adjustments to ensure a good fit. Your filling will blend so perfectly with your natural tooth that no one will even know that you have it.

Dr. Bartels Explains Bonding and Tooth-Colored Fillings 


Is It Time for Your Next Routine Exam in the 72401 Area?

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