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Dentures in Jonesboro, AR: What Are My Options?

Couple | Dentures in Jonesboro, AR

If you have missing teeth, you are probably seeking tooth replacement solutions. At Anthony Bartels, DDS Family Dentistry, we offer several options, including quality dentures in Jonesboro, AR. Dentures are a time-tested solution to tooth loss.

Dentures are arches or plates of restoration teeth custom designed to fit the contours of your mouth, giving you a full smile. Our Jonesboro, AR dental office relies on quality materials to create the best denture for you.

How Dentures in Jonesboro, AR Work

The first step is an exam to determine whether you’re a good candidate for dentures. If dentures are right for you, our team will take an impression of your mouth, and this ...

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Why Consistent Dental Visits Are Important for Children

Child | Kid's Dentistry Jonesboro AR

Did you know that your child should begin visiting your family dentist every six months around the age of one-year-old? While this seems early, it gives your children's dentist in Jonesboro the opportunity to not only begin building rapport with your little one but also begin monitoring their oral development. 

Why Are Baby Teeth Important?

Parents often wonder why they should give their child's baby teeth so much attention when they're going to fall out soon anyway. Your son or daughter's oral development began even before they were born, and you might be surprised to learn that baby (primary) teeth have a few significant jobs to do before they fall out.

  • Baby ...

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Stress and Bruxism

Toothbrush | Jonesboro AR Dentist

Stress and other factors can cause people to grind their teeth, also known as Bruxism.  Many people are unaware they do this because it often happens at night.  Over time, grinding can cause your teeth to wear down and chip. Muscle tension from bruxism can lead to jaw pain of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and headaches.  We recommend a visit to our office in Jonesboro, AR, so that Dr. Bartels can properly diagnose your symptoms.  If you are grinding your teeth at night, Dr. Bartels might recommend a splint.  Your splint would be custom made for your mouth for maximum comfort and can be worn at night.  The splints are ...

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Christmas Baskets

Giftbaskets | Jonesboro AR Dentist

We love Christmas so we put together more baskets to celebrate!  We will enter all patients 16 and up who visit this month before Dec. 20th when we draw names. This is a fun time of year when we get to see lots of patients who are on vacation, visiting family, or home from college. It's busy but we always welcome new faces if we've not seen you before!  Hoping everyone is enjoying the season.

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Use It Or Lose It

Dental Insurance Jonesboro AR

Most dental insurance benefits expire at the end of the year.  We want you to get the most out of your dental insurance and not pay out of pocket.  Call us to schedule your appointment before the holiday rush (and duck season:)

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