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Thinking about a Partial Denture? 3 Advantages of This Classic Treatment Option

March 30, 2018
Posted By: Anthony Bartels, DDS
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If you are missing one or a couple of teeth, you might have considered getting a partial denture. Partial dentures are different from full dentures, which are designed to take the place of a mouthful of lost teeth. Partials are also removable like dentures.

If you’re considering partial dentures in Jonesboro, AR, you can talk to us at Anthony Bartels, DDS to find out if this is a good option for missing teeth replacement. There are several advantages to this classic treatment option.

Why Missing Teeth Need to Be Replaced

When you are missing even one tooth, you are putting the healthy teeth in your mouth at risk. Not only will your teeth start to shift, but one missing tooth left untreated can often lead to more missing teeth.

Having one or more missing teeth can also impact the way you speak and can make chewing healthy foods difficult. When you start avoiding foods that are good for you just because they are difficult to chew, this can have an impact on your overall health.

What Makes Partials Such a Good Treatment Option

A partial denture is a great restorative option for many people for the following reasons:

  1. When people are missing teeth, the prospect of having to replace them with dental implants can be daunting. For some people, it is a financial investment they may not be able to afford. A partial denture is the most affordable way to replace missing teeth.
  2. A partial denture can be made almost immediately after you get a checkup from your dentist. This means you won’t have to go for weeks or months without any teeth.
  3. Getting fitted for partial dentures is an easy process that causes no damage to the adjacent teeth.

Find out more about this affordable, effective option for replacing missing teeth by calling your Jonesboro, AR dentist about partial dentures. Call Anthony Bartels, DDS today! 

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