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Tips for Keeping Teeth White During the Holidays

December 17, 2021
Posted By: Anthony Bartels, DDS Family Dentistry Team
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The holidays are filled with new and spontaneous family photos and plenty of reasons to smile. But, if you’re worried that your teeth are not as white as they should be, your Jonesboro dentist can help.

Holiday Smiles Begin with Professional Teeth Whitening in Jonesboro

We offer take-home whitening kits customized just for you. Our whitening trays and prescription-strength gel can lighten your teeth in as little as a week.

First, we make sure that professional teeth whitening is safe for you. Then we take impressions to create your custom whitening trays. Finally, we send you home with directions on how to best use the system for optimal results.

Maintaining Your White Smile

Teeth discolor for many reasons, but the main culprits include:

  • Age
  • Tobacco
  • Wine
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Berries
  • Bright sauces
  • Certain medications

If you indulge in coffee, wine, or one of the other culprits this holiday season, be sure to rinse your mouth. This helps clear the tooth-staining debris from your teeth.

When at a holiday get-together, it is not always possible to brush and floss, but we recommend doing so as soon as possible to maintain your white smile and lower your risks for cavities.

Brushing and flossing after each meal, or at least twice daily, can help mitigate holiday tooth stains. If you have whitened your teeth recently, you may also have remaining gel and your tooth trays. You can always touch up your smile periodically.

Talk to Your Jonesboro Dentist about Lifetime Teeth Whitening

Prevention is the hallmark of healthy teeth and gums. To encourage our patients to visit the dentist regularly, we offer Lifetime Whitening. Simply schedule and keep your twice-yearly exam and teeth cleaning appointments to participate in this program!

Smile with Confidence This Holiday Season

To arrange your teeth whitening consultation, we encourage you to contact our dental office today.

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