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Your Professional Dental Cleaning: A Walk-Through Guide

August 18, 2019
Posted By: Anthony Bartels DDS Family Dentistry
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Are you confident that your smile is healthy because you brush and floss diligently every day? Excellent oral hygiene habits are essential. But if you don’t have dental exams and cleanings at least twice a year, you’re not doing all you can to keep your smile as healthy as it should be. 

Your Jonesboro, AR dentist knows that many patients don’t like dental visits for one reason or another. But knowledge is power, and often, helping you cope with anxiety means helping you understand what to expect. 

What a Typical Dental Cleaning Involves

Schedule your dental cleanings at least every six months; your dentist and hygienist can tell you the frequency that’s right for your needs. This will be different for everyone, and some patients may require as many as three or four cleanings a year to maintain good oral health.

During your dental cleanings in Jonesboro, AR, you can expect the following:

  • First, your dental hygienist will spend a few chatting with you since your last visit. He or she will ask how you’re doing and if you have any concerns or have experienced a recent change in your oral health.
  • Next, your hygienist charts your teeth. During this process, the health of your teeth and gums and teeth is noted on your chart. Your chart is a tool your dentist and hygienist use to organize essential information about you and your oral health.
  • Your dental hygienist then examines each tooth and surrounding gums and measures the depth of periodontal pockets. If you have gum disease, gums pull away from your teeth, and measuring the size of the pockets that develop helps your hygienist understand the severity of the gum infection. 
  • During the final step, cavity-causing plaque and tartar are removed from all tooth surfaces and around your gums. Both lead to cavities and gum disease if your hygienist doesn’t remove them thoroughly using a professional dental instrument called a scaler. Routine professional cleanings are vital because your brush and floss can’t remove tartar. 
  • Finally, your hygienist will answer any questions or make recommendations for improving your oral care based on their findings.

Schedule Your Next Teeth Cleaning with Us

Keeping your smile healthy isn’t difficult, but it does require a team effort. Call your Jonesboro, AR dentist today to schedule your next professional dental cleaning.

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