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5 Reasons Why Family Dentistry Is Best for Families

May 24, 2022
Posted By: Anthony Bartels, DDS Staff
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Family dentistry means a single trusted dentist and team are caring for your entire family. This approach is convenient and offers peace of mind.

Let’s explore a few other reasons why Anthony Bartels family dentistry in Jonesboro, AR, is the best course.

#1 Family Dentistry Means Professionals Your Family Can Trust

When parents or older family members see the same dentists as the kids, it instills trust in the kids and the grownups. You know your child is visiting with professionals you know and have built relationships with.

#2 Family Dentists Typically Treat Dental Emergencies Fast

People of all ages are at risk for dental emergencies, and we treat them fast! For example, children can fall off their bikes and chip a tooth. Likewise, an older family member can wake up with a terrible toothache. In any case, we are here for you!

#3 Family Dental Records and Oral Health Histories in One Location

If you’re moving or require family dental records for any reason, they’re stored in one location when your family sees only one dentist. Additionally, when loved ones see one dentist, your oral health provider knows what traits may run in your family.

#4 Family Dentists Offer Diverse Treatments

A family dentist works with patients of all ages and understands what to look for as smiles change over the years. For example, a family dentist may see a child in the morning and a senior adult just before lunch. This type of diverse experience makes a family dentist ideal. And you can count on treatments that address changing needs.

#5 Family Dentistry Is Convenient

Family dentists typically work to see your family members on the same day, eliminating the need to miss work and travel multiple times per year to see that each family has time with different dentists.

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