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The Benefits of Family Dentistry

October 5, 2020
Posted By: Anthony Bartels, DDS
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At Anthony Bartels, DDS, one of our favorite things about what we do is getting to know our patients and their families. It's always fun to learn about their lives outside of the dental office and the things they love to do. 

We enjoy the diversity of personalities and life stories we meet every day. Being a family dental practice, we have the opportunity to speak with patients of every age. 

Our top family dentist in Jonesboro, AR  has years of experience healing the youngest patients to the oldest. When you find a dentist you trust with knowledge on every milestone each age group meets, you'll discover the collaborative process that comes with longterm dentistry. 

Children Benefit From Family Dental Visits

When the same dentist sees both you and your child, it helps create confidence and trust within your son or daughter. Dr. Bartels can also identify family traits that might help him treat your child's dental needs; for example, a predisposition to a dental problem or hereditary orthodontic treatment. 

Additionally, when your whole family sees the same dentist, it makes scheduling dental cleanings and exams more comfortable. You can make it a family dentistry day!
Logistically, it's also convenient to keep your entire family's dental records in one dental location. 

Once your child becomes old enough where braces become a possibility, they won't need to look around for a different dentist or specialist that they trust. 

For families who want to maintain their healthy smiles for a lifetime, it's good to have a dentist with experience. 

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