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What Are the Benefits of Family Dentistry?

September 29, 2021
Posted By: Anthony Bartels, DDS Family Dentistry team

Family dentistry in Jonesboro, AR is an excellent way to keep your family’s dentistry and dental records in one convenient location.

Of course, there are other excellent reasons to have a family dentist in Jonesboro, AR!

Family Dentistry is Convenient Dentistry

Families lead busy lives. There are always things to be done. When you can consolidate errands and appointments it’s always a bonus.

Our dental team understands how busy family life can be, so we always try to schedule your family’s dental visits for the same day if possible.

Family dentists also tend to offer a variety of dental services to meet the needs of all age groups. Often, this means you’ll not have to go to specialists for specialized treatments specific to a child or senior adult.

Family Dentists Have a Wealth of Experience

Throughout the day, a family dentist moves between children, adults, and senior adults, which points to experience.

In the morning, we may be treating a child’s teeth with dental sealants to prevent cavities. An hour later, our dentist may be performing intricate dental implant surgery on an adult.  

Family Dentists Are Here for Your Family Through Dental Emergencies in Jonesboro

Most family dentists are very experienced with family emergencies and often make time in their schedules to accommodate toothaches and tooth traumas.

If a loved one has a dental emergency, we always work hard and fast to get them in front of our emergency dentist.

For Family Dentistry Near Me, We Are Here for You

We enjoy treating individuals and families and would love to welcome you and your loved ones into our dental practice. Reach out today to arrange appointments for yourself and your family members.

And always call us if you have questions about the treatments we offer and the services we provide.

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