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Helping Your Family Take Care of Their Oral Health

December 19, 2019
Posted By: Anthony Bartels Family Dentistry
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We know that parents can get caught up in their busy lives, and dental hygiene might rank low on the list of priorities. It may seem challenging to juggle so many different demands on your family’s busy schedule, and it may seem overwhelming to help your family members take care of their oral health. 

The dental team at Anthony Bartels Family Dentistry understands the challenge, which is why initiating good dental habits in young children is especially important for their success later on as adults. 

We recommend encouraging your partner and children of all ages to consistently prioritize dental care with these simple tips:

Dental Visits Are Fun for the Entire Family

Our Jonesboro dental office welcomes patients of any age, and we love seeing whole families schedule their dental check-ups and cleanings together so we can see everyone on the same day. Not only does this save multiple trips to the dentist by booking in the same time block, but children can also associate dental visits with family activity. 

Home Oral Health Care Together

We ask parents to make at-home oral health care fun and exciting by brushing and flossing as a family every day! Not only can parents demonstrate proper brushing techniques, but it also gives the whole family time to spend together and enjoy each other. 

Healthy Meals at the Table 

A leading cause of tooth decay and infection is the sugar that we find in sodas, starches, candies, and other sweet foods. When families sit together to eat a nutritious, balanced meal, children will learn to appreciate the connection only a family can create and the appreciation of a proper diet. Additionally, they begin to understand the importance of drinking plenty of water during and between meals and limiting sodas and juices. 

Dentist Jonesboro AR

At Anthony Bartels Family Dentistry, our specialty is family dentistry in Jonesboro. We enjoy seeing patients of any age and serving entire families in our community. We love educating patients on the importance of their oral health and how to maintain their beautiful smiles for a lifetime. 

If you are ready to schedule your family’s next dental check-up and cleaning, call us today at (870) 932-9911.


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