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Helping Your Child Develop Good Oral Care Habits

May 16, 2016
Posted By: Anthony Bartels, DDS and staff
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It can be a challenge to choose a children’s dentist in Jonesboro, where you have so many options. We know that parents just want the very best for their kids and that includes a healthy smile! When parents bring their children to our office, we spend ample time answering some of the most pressing questions that parents bring to us including how to help their children develop good oral care habits.

Children's Oral Care Habits 

While each child is different, At Anthony Bartels, DDS we start with the basics so that we can help parents support the healthy, happy smiles of their children for a lifetime.

Good home care begins by creating a routine. If your child resists the brushing and flossing that is essential for healthy teeth and gums, try using a reward system. By creating a chart of successful brushing and flossing, your child can work toward a reward - perhaps a new game or book. 

Avoiding sugary snacks can be a challenge for kids and adults. We know the negative impact of sugar on your body and it can range from dental decay to diabetes. Try keeping healthier snacks in your home and having several options for your child to choose from. After all, they probably consume enough sugar outside of your home.

Eliminating habits such as thumb sucking and bedtime bottles can reduce the likelihood of oral health complications in the future. After evening teeth brushing, only water should be served. Drinks such as milk, juice, and soda encourage decay. Thumb sucking is a natural part of childhood, but to avoid the need for orthodontic intervention caused by thumb sucking, it should stop at a certain age. Many kids will quit on their own, while others may need some gentle reminders. We can discuss when it is time to say goodbye to their oldest habit.

Call our Jonesboro AR Children's Dental Office 

Anthony Bartels, DDS, and our entire team are here to support your family in achieving and maintaining excellent oral health. If you are looking for a children’s dentist in Jonesboro, look no further! We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our dental office.

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