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5 Signs You Need a Root Canal

September 27, 2022
Posted By: Anthony Bartels, DDS Staff
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People who have not had root canal treatment usually dread it because they believe the myths. In reality, root canal treatment relieves pain and eliminates swelling. Unfortunately, the infection itself and not the cure causes all the discomfort.

If you’re lucky, your dentist spots an early tooth root infection during your routine checkup before it causes pain. But unfortunately, most of these infections happen suddenly and require an emergency dental visit.

Let’s explore the signs you need to book an emergency dental appointment with your family dentist in Jonesboro, AR.

5 Signs of a Root Canal infection

You do not have to have all the symptoms, but these are the typical signs you need a root canal.

#1 Toothache or Worsening Tooth Sensitivity

People get toothaches for various reasons, but one of the most common is caused by an infection in your tooth’s canal.

#2 Gum Swelling Around the Infected Tooth

Gum swelling is a telltale sign of infection, and you should alert your Jonesboro dentist office as soon as possible.

#3 Face Swelling in Front of the Infected Tooth

Facial swelling can result from gum swelling. In either case, this is a classic root infection symptom.

#4 A Dark or Discolored Tooth

Sometimes root infection makes your tooth appear dark and discolored. A sure sign you should call the dentist.

#5 A Blister or Bump on the Gum

You likely need root canal treatment if you have a blister or bump on the gum, especially around the toothache.

Why Root Canal Treatment Is Crucial

Without root canal treatment, you risk spreading infection, increasing pain, and losing your tooth. But not to worry. Root canal treatment is performed under anesthesia, so you’ll not feel pain.

While under local anesthesia, your dentist removes the infected material from your tooth’s canal, flushes the canal clean, and then closes it with a temporary filling. You come in later for a dental crown.

Do You Need a Root Canal in Jonesboro, AR?

If you have symptoms, reach out to our dental team for tooth-saving and pain-relieving treatment as soon as possible.

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