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When You Should See an Emergency Dentist

January 16, 2023
Posted By: Dr. Anthony Bartels

Many types of dental emergencies require professional care from your dental provider. Sometimes, a dental mishap can wait until a regularly-scheduled appointment, while others need immediate attention. However, minor dental emergencies should still receive care from a dentist within 24 to 48 hours. 

If you have a dental emergency in Jonesboro, AR, you can rely on the experience and skill of Dr. Anthony Bartels and his team to help you. 

Here are four common reasons to see an emergency dentist. 

1. Extreme Swelling 

Swelling is usually a sign of an oral infection. Swelling might occur in the mouth, face, or neck and should be rectified immediately. One of the more severe types of infections is an abscessed tooth. An oral infection can spread and affect other areas of the body quickly, so oral swelling of this kind necessitates an emergency dental visit.

2. Persistent Oral Bleeding

When someone's mouth continues bleeding after applying gentle pressure for 15 minutes, they need to visit the dentist for urgent dental treatment. Persistent bleeding might point to a deep laceration, which needs to be treated as soon as possible. 

3. Severe, Unbearable Oral Pain 

Severe, unrelenting pain can indicate a serious infection. Our Jonesboro emergency dentist can quickly relieve your pain, determine the source of the issue, and provide effective treatment. Don't let your smile suffer and give us a call!

4. A Knocked-Out Tooth 

When a tooth is dislodged or knocked out, it's essential to see an emergency dentist within an hour to try to save the natural tooth. In the meantime, keep the tooth moist and avoid touching the tooth's root that fits in the socket. If your dentist can't save the tooth, we can provide customized tooth replacement options to complete your smile and restore your oral health. 

Call Your Emergency Dentist in Jonesboro

Don't hesitate to contact Dr. Anthony Bartels for help when you have a dental emergency. Getting proper dental care is essential when you have a mouth-related misadventure. Timely dental treatment can even mean the difference between saving and losing a tooth! Dr. Bartels treats dental emergencies and is a skilled cosmetic dentist who can provide effective solutions that preserve your smile's health and beauty. 

If you have a dental emergency or aren't sure if you're having one, please call us for guidance. We're always here for you and your smile!

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