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As dental professionals, we do everything in our power to save your natural teeth. We take every precaution possible to prevent conditions that cause tooth loss, and we work with our patients to create healthy home care habits that prevent gum disease and decay - two significant causes of tooth loss. One of our biggest goals is preventative dentistry, which is why we recommend bi-annual dental visits so our dentist can keep track of any changes to your oral health.

On occasion, however, a tooth may pose a health risk or be beyond saving, and we have no choice but to remove it to protect your health. If you are in Jonesboro, AR, and are experiencing tooth pain or discomfort, you may need a tooth extraction. Contact Dr. Bartels as soon as possible so we can help relieve your tooth pain and examine your teeth and gums.



Dental Extractions

Having a tooth extracted can sound frightening, and you may have worries about pain or recovery. At our Jonesboro dental office, we will always keep you feeling as pain-free as possible for every procedure. We know that every patient is different, and so we will communicate with you throughout your procedure to make sure you are comfortable and pain-free.

We perform both simple and surgical extractions. Simple extractions are for teeth that have already erupted through your gums. Because an incision and stitches are not required, healing is often faster. Surgical extractions are necessary for us to remove a tooth below your gum line. That means that we will need to make an incision, and you will likely have stitches afterward. Because your mouth heals incredibly quickly, no matter what type of extraction you require, you will feel better and better each day until you have healed completely.

Reasons We Recommend Tooth Extractions

At Anthony Bartels, DDS, we feel that the more informed our patients are, the less stress they feel about an upcoming dental procedure. There are many reasons why Dr. Bartels would suggest a tooth extraction, including:

  • Tooth decay—When tooth decay has been untreated, it can lead to irreparable tooth damage. Often the pulp of the tooth can become infected, in which case a root canal is performed to remove the infection. However, if the infection is severe, Dr. Bartels may recommend a tooth extraction to contain the infection and keep it from spreading.
  • Gum disease—Severe gum disease can affect the bone if left untreated and in some cases, may cause a tooth to become loose. When this occurs, Dr. Bartels will let you know all your dental options, including tooth extraction. We aim to save a tooth if possible and to maintain our patient’s oral health.
  • Impacted tooth—When a wisdom tooth is blocked from fully erupting, it is known as an impacted tooth. Dr. Bartels may recommend tooth extraction if the affected tooth is in danger of putting surrounding teeth at risk. Impacted teeth are at high risk for infection, making it essential to treat the impaction as soon as possible.
  • Overcrowded teeth—Tooth extractions may be necessary if there is overcrowding in the mouth or when a patient needs orthodontic treatment and there is no room in the mouth for the teeth to shift and realign. Teeth extractions can clear up space so Dr. Bartel can better align your smile.
  • Trauma to the tooth—If a tooth is injured, the first course of action is always to save the tooth. Dr. Bartels may recommend dental crowns, bridges, or porcelain veneers to help preserve the tooth. However, if the injury to the tooth is severe, tooth extraction may be necessary to protect oral health.
  • Dentures—When getting full dentures, sometimes tooth extractions are necessary to fit the denture to the upper or lower jaw.

Dr. Bartels will always take the time to explain why tooth extraction may be needed. However, our priority is always to save your existing teeth whenever possible. At Anthony Bartels, DDS, we are committed to providing outstanding service in extracting a tooth to make the process as pain-free as possible. Dr. Bartels uses state-of-the-art dental technology like digital x-rays for high-quality images that can show any affected parts of your teeth and gums.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Anthony Bartels, DDS also removes troublesome wisdom teeth. Not every wisdom tooth requires tooth extraction, but because of their location, they are more likely to acquire dental decay or gum disease. No matter how good you are at brushing and flossing, wisdom teeth pose challenges because they are so far back, leaving little room for a toothbrush and floss. For some people, wisdom teeth never pose a problem, but for others, they can cause a lot of trouble, including crowding your other teeth and affecting the health of your bite. An evaluation with Dr. Bartels can determine if your wisdom teeth require a tooth extraction. He can discuss the options with you, including any specific action you need to take if you want to retain your wisdom teeth.

Dental Extraction AftercareMan | Tooth Extraction Jonesboro AR

Once we remove your tooth, we will provide you with detailed instructions to help you heal properly. These instructions will include activities to avoid, such as drinking through a straw and smoking; any medications you should take to prevent infection or for pain management; and when to schedule your follow-up exam to inspect your extraction sites. If you experience any pain or persistent bleeding, call Dr. Bartels for a follow-up.

We Want You as Comfortable as Possible

During a tooth extraction, you may feel pressure, but you shouldn’t feel any pain. If you feel any pain, let Dr. Bartels know. Many Jonesboro, AR patients express surprise at how little discomfort they feel during the process. Many times, teeth extractions relieve patients of the pain they have been feeling. The most you may feel is a pulling sensation. The recovery period should not be painful either, let our dental team know if you experience pain after.

At our Jonesboro, AR dental office, we place your comfort as our highest priority. We know that the thought of tooth extraction is distressing. Dr. Bartels and his dental team value the trust you place in us to handle an already stressful situation. If you are in pain, we can help relieve it. Modern tooth extractions are not painful, and most patients are surprised at how little discomfort they feel. Dr. Bartels will always check in with his patients to see where their comfort level is. If there is anything our dental staff can do to make the process as smooth as possible, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Call Us to Schedule an Evaluation

If you have a troublesome tooth or if you think your wisdom teeth might require extraction, contact us to schedule a dental exam with Dr. Bartels. He will sit down with you and discuss your options, including tooth replacement, if necessary. Call today if you have any tooth pain or think you may have an infection.