Root Canals in Jonesboro

woman with holding a piece of paper over her mouth | root canal jonesboro arRoot canals are one of the most misunderstood and feared dental procedures, but they shouldn’t be! The fact is that a root canal can extend the life of your tooth by a decade or more, and that is great news for you!

Keeping your natural teeth is important, and it is still the very best way to maintain your oral health. Tooth loss is more inconvenient and expensive than saving your natural teeth. Additionally, saving your tooth can preserve precious bone and keep it from resorbtion, a condition common with tooth loss.

Many people often think of root canals as painful, but with new techniques and improved treatment, they are just like every other dental procedure. We want your appointment to feel comfortable and encourage you to communicate if something does not feel right. We can make adjustments to improve your experience.

If you experience sudden sensitivity or if you have localized pain, swelling, or tenderness, it is your body’s way of asking you to take notice.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

If you don’t understand root canal treatment, you are not alone. A root canal actually refers to part of the anatomy of your tooth that may become infected. Underneath the protective enamel and dentin is a chamber inside your tooth that houses your nerve. It is surrounded by tissue called pulp. When your root canal gets an infection, it is very close to your nerve and can feel quite painful, which is why many people associate root canals with pain.

The goal of treatment is to relieve your pain and allow you to heal. Dr. Anthony Bartels will gently remove any infected or damaged tissue, place medication in your root canal, and seal it to keep out food and bacteria, which could lead to another infection.

You may feel a little sensitivity for a few days until your infection completely disappears, but you should feel steady improvement each day. Once you heal completely, Dr. Bartels will recommend a restoration to protect and stabilize your root canal tooth.

Restorations After Root Canals

Because your tooth no longer has a nerve, it may become brittle. That means we need to place a restoration on your tooth to protect it. For some teeth that are not doing most of the chewing, a filling might be fine. For your molars and other teeth that absorb a lot of force and day-to-day wear, a crown might be a better option. Either way, Dr. Bartels will make sure your restorative work is attractive and comfortable.

Do You Have Tooth Pain?

If you have any type of tooth pain, we encourage you to call our Jonesboro, AR dental office to schedule an evaluation. Whether you need a root canal or some other type of procedure, we can help! Our entire team is professional, compassionate, and friendly. That combination makes any dental experience more enjoyable.